Get a Gander at These New CHICKEBLO Songs

The last time that Daichi graced us with the developing musical repertoire of CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL, reviews were a little mixed, mostly because people wondered what was the point of this thing when 2& was still in existence and Daichi and Saki were known to still be working together.* For these two songs (plus lyrics!) dropped yesterday, you may … well, I guess it depends on your perspective.

Here’s the one that I liked:

This is for your more mellow moods:

I’ll take it!

While we’re on the subject, you may be aware that CHICKEBLO had themselves a not-unfamiliar-to-Daichi-projects membership situation prior to debut, eventually leaving us with only REM out of the original originals. She has a partner now, as of yesterday (IIRC), named LEO:

You kids in Japan, take note: The debut is right around the corner, and also free: