Babymetal Tour Date Added

While we were all still hyperventilating a little over the big news last night, Babymetal rather quietly confirmed a rumored extra appearance for the European leg of their world tour.

On June 5, Babymetal will be among the not terribly huge roster playing at the Fortarock festival in the Netherlands.

That’s the Sunday before their appearance at Download France, and it makes absolutely zero sense to fly all the way back to Japan between the two shows, and there’s no way in hell that all those hands in their pockets are just going to up and allow the girls to take a week-long European vacation with their staff and band and not work, so expect at least one show booked between France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg* for that week. I still think that Spain’s going to happen, but I could be totally out to lunch.

And when are you going to Africa, Babymetal? You’ll soon run out of continents to conquer.

*I have a Luxembourgish friend. For that reason alone, I’d love for Babymetal to play there.

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