Aaaaaand Now Babymetal’s Booked for Chicago Open Air

Didn’t specifically call this one, but that Babymetal wasn’t done putting together tour dates seemed increasingly obvious, and here’s a stop that’s going to matter: Going back to the Windy City for an appearance (fifth billing!) at the brand new Chicago Open Air festival on Sunday, July 17.

Poster for the 2016 Chicago Open Air festival, held July 15-17, and featuring none other than the Black Knights, the Kitsune Warriors, Babymetal

This festival is owned by the same company, Danny Wimmer Presents, as Carolina Rebellion and Northern Invasion, so I think I smell a nice contractual arrangement between that company and whichever of Babymetal’s agencies is handling these North American appearances.

But that’s just business — this is awesome news! The Kitsune Warriors broke out big in Europe in 2015 (and 2014, if we’re being completely honest) by shocking the festival circuit; between Colbert and these festivals and I’m sure a few surprises to come, this is their year to become a legitimate conversation piece in the United States.

Man, Metal Resistance is going to sell a bajillion copies if it’s anywhere near as good as their eponymous debut.