Babymetal’s World Tour Gets a Little Worldier

When last we spoke of the Kitsune Warriors, the time was right to speculate as to how they might be spending the balance of their summer schedule. It’s just one announcement, but now we have an idea of how June’s going to be spent.

Per just a whole ton of sources (sorry, guys), after “crashing” last year’s Download Festival in the UK, Babymetal will be officially part of the bill at Download France on Saturday, June 11.

Poster for the Download Festival France, featuring Babymetal

Of note: Fellow Amuse Inc. act ONE OK ROCK will be playing the same day. I’m sure that’s not a coincidence.

A European June makes sense, and I’d keep my eye on a two-week stretch or so around that June date for other bookings in the region, similarly to how they did last year — quick, condensed scheduling is easier on the girls’ IRL obligations and frankly probably drives demand: “They’re only going to be anywhere near here once this yer, so I’d better make sure to get to XXXX.” Also expect to see more for the UK, their home away from home.

Exciting! I’d still like to see them get into either Asia or South America this year, but this is very good. Anything that gets Babymetal out on the road and building the Metal Resistance is a good thing.

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