Ayumikurikamaki Just Refuse to Slow Down

I want to make sure that nobody misses this pretty nice bit of news:

New single! And a mini-tour to promote it! “Traveling Song”? or something like that? “Tabidachi no Uta.” Good times.

Ayukuma had what looked like a really great tour to promote their recent album and then spent the summer doing pretty much every big rock festival in Japan in addition to their regularly schedule programming. I’m very curious to know what their sales are starting to look like; if “perform at Budokan” is the condition of their return to bear form, it could be sooner than feared (OR a terrible swerve and they’re stuck in human bodies forever).

Anyway, they’re doing great. Just to prove it, they tweeted out these photos earlier, too:

Oh and here they are with Sakura Gakuin:

Of all of the weirdos and freaks and nerds and psycopaths that get covered on this site, AKM is probably the one group that I’d be most comfortable letting near my impressionable tween daughters. Under supervision.