At Last, Tsurezure

Man, it feels like forever since the Idols Known In English as Not Secured, Loose Ends announced their fourth single. It’s nobody’s fault that said single was put on ice following Cococo’s rather sudden graduation to seek treatment for chronic penguinitis, nor is it anything other than completely understandable that Codomomental wanted to wait until her replacement had come along to release the songs that they assuredly had already recorded and were ready to pound us over the heads with.

Several months later, still no members, and still no single … until now!

Dramatic enough for you?

“Paradise Lost” will, I’m sure, be “hella good” as they kids say these days. I just wonder what kind of good, you know? Terry and I were chatting the other day in the wake of Kaqiryo Terror Architect’s run to glory, how Codomomental’s relying on such a small creative team for so much output was first the likely culprit behind the blurring between the different groups’ sounds (especially Tsurezure and Zenkimi), and then the progressive loss of distinction between them at all. Which, you know, hasn’t been realized yet, and the NSLE sound has frankly been the least adulterated, so it could have just been some gum-flappin’ between buddies.

What I’m hoping for is:

  • Either a musical retelling of Milton’s classic OR
  • A musically thematic interpretation of Lucifer’s emotional turmoil, plus idols, OR
  • A loud rock song with an idol chorus that may or may not have something to do with a fall from grace

would also accept the return of Aza under a different name, as I recently dreamed had happened; it was strange

As for the actual matter of the new fourth members, I presume that we’ll be learning this information soon. It’s been teased and gossiped about enough at this point, and management hasn’t come out to say “jk we’ll stick with these three,” so something is likely on the soon side. I’d love for it to be somebody who we already know from another project. I’d especially love it if it were one of the yandoll cast-offs, as they are kindred spirits.