Alice Juban, Steamgirls, Armor Girls … Easter Girls!

Man, I love dropping the ball on my own website. So satisfying! Here’s an example: The English-speaking world’s foremost ambassador for the Alice Project, Char T Saki, contributed this … in November. You may note that it is now January.

Bless Char T Saki for the forbearance necessary to try me again much more recently, and feast your ears on this:

Ska bounce!

That’s the Easter Girls, the official fourth component group of Kamen Joshi. I’m not sure how that works out — this used to be the Kamen Joshi Trainees WEST (right down to the same Twitter handle!) project based in Osaka, and they’re presumably going to stay at the PARMS entity there, but:

On January 20, Alice #10 will be increased to 10 girls, and in the middle of February, Kamen Joshi will be 28 girls in total from the current 16 girls. I think that they may make a new PV at that time.

So there we go(?). Keep your eyes peeled for the next steps from Kamen Joshi writ large, and see if the unofficial biggest idols in Akiba make another play for #1. In honor, and because I missed out on the era when the Alice groups all released their own music instead of just Kamen Joshing along, here’s an anniversary celebration for Armor Girls: