Ashley and Bekah Say “HELLO”!

Ya’ll know Bekah and Ashley, right? They’ve been doing charming dance cover tributes to some of our favorite idols and sharing them on Bekah’s YouTube channel, and they’re pretty darn fantastic at it. Pure heart and lots of energy, with a heaping dose of pure fandom love for what they do. They even received well-deserved praise with one of their Billie Idle covers!

Anyway, I kinda-sorta knew this video was gonna happen, cause Ashley and myself are both unabashedly devoted Avandoned fans, and  a while back I dropped a not very subtle hint that I’d love to see them do this song. (Actually, I think I said “PLEASE DO THIS SONG!”) It turned out Ashley was already intending to do it anyway, cause she’s cool like that, so this video is something I’ve been looking forward to for quite a bit. So without further ado, here’s Ashley and Bekah saying “Hello”!!!

It’s still one the greatest pop-songs ever, and they really got the spirit exactly right. Plus there’s a nice little nod there with their hair and even Beni’s randosuru backpack! (I can’t wait to see her reaction to this!)

Fandom can always use more tributes like this, so please keep take a cue from these two and have some creative fun with your displays of idol devotion!

Tell you what: Anybody who does dance covers, fan art, cosplay, vocal covers, or any other creative endeavors dedicated to idols, any idols, please let me know about it. (I’m sure Maniac would enjoy hearing about it too.)  I won’t be able give everybody an article on this blog, but I will absolutely give you a shout-out on Twitter for a little signal boost. Even if it’s a group I’m not that into, your creative output is always aces with me, so don’t worry about if it’s “cool” or “good enough.” I love this stuff and will always encourage and support it, so by all means go for it!