When Senpai Notices: Billie Idle Loves Your Dance Videos

Man, this is just proof positive that we really are the best fans.

Ashley shared this in the Idolmetal group, and I was going to make a little bit of a deal out of that, but then this happened:

Shut the front door. Ashley, please do tell us what it was like to not only be noticed by senpai, but celebrated by her, too.

We all of us should endeavor to do more of this kind of thing in our free time; Homicidols.com is about celebrating idols, and there’s no better way to celebrate idols than to actually do the stuff that idols do to show off how much fun we have with them.

In the meantime, check out Ashley and Bekah’s whole YouTube channel, from which I will regularly pirate for the amusement of all.

10 thoughts on “When Senpai Notices: Billie Idle Loves Your Dance Videos

  1. Cool stuff.

    After my rant on the BiS video I would say I was really surprised by the change of direction BILLIE IDLE had with their last CD, no more experimenting with different styles just Punk’n’Roll all the way.

  2. Every white girl who likes Japan is named Bekah, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love it.
    Incidentally, Yasui posted some photos of herself in a green bomber jacket recently, albeit without any B.I. branding. Nice to see she still rocks the look… While she’s tweeting about AKB48 and JAV or whatever 😛

    • I only know of myself and Beckii. Haha I actually have always thought girls who like Japan are all named Abbi/Abby.

      • ALTERNATE THEORY: Maybe your web presence is so strong that I I thought you were a lot of different people!
        But I like the idea that there are lots of redheads named Bekah/Becca out there who know what Steins;Gate is, or whatever. It’s a comforting thought 😮

  3. Part of what makes it so awesome is that Billie Idles dance moves are just basically taking the piss out of typical idols and their presentation.. it’s so cool to see them getting the full idol dance cover treatment!.. the facial expressions are dead on!

  4. Dayum thats some luck, talking about that Idolmetal group, why cant i join it? i have been attempting to enter for ages but it seems my entrance requests go on deaf ears T_T

    • Let me know your name on Facebook and I’ll have a look to see if I can let you in, we vet a lot of people if there home page shows little interest in Japan or
      Idol or if they are using a fake profile or don’t speak English, or if they are a member of too many groups……there’s quite abit we judge on usually aha its what keeps that group running so smoothly usually

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