The Continuing Adventures of Bekah and Ashley

This Here at, we believe that one of the best ways to make more fans of idols is to lift up and celebrate those fans who are really doing it right. Take, for example, Bekah and Ashley, whose self-produced dance covers of essential idol videos prove just how fun this whole business is.

They released this cover of BiS’s “SOCiALiSM” —

— which was a nice reminder to catch up with their work. They’ve been busy!

Here’s some Pikarin:


I’d have forgiven them for just standing still and communicating eternal torment with their eyes

They even got into one of the most dancetastic videos from the scene, with It Used to Just Be Called Parallel and Then Aina Left and Now They’re PLIC PROCK:

Just Bekah, and that looks exhausting

This is a reminder that you can and should make your own fan art stuff! Every dance cover, vocal cover, play-through, meme, video edit, etc. that goes out in the Internet hive mind is another way to connect to more people, and it’s a great way to lift up the profile of something new and interesting that people just don’t know that they love yet.