Here’s an Extremely Short Clip of Q’ulle’s Extremely Exciting Next Single

I’m like popping right now, you guys. I’m publishing at a more amenable hour than when writing because, come on, but literally at this very moment I’m all OMGOMGOMG because Q’ulle put out this teaser for the MV for their second single with Avex, “DRY AI” (come on), and I might be just the tiniest bit too excited for it. And I friggin’ missed the original announcements and only have Kayseur to blame for pointing it out.

This is Type A, I think:

And this is B:

The full deal will drop on Friday. I’m practically giddy — Q’ulle has always been a sneaky favorite of mine, and I always want other people to heart them as hard as I do, but they prove the whole this-is-a-rock-sound-idols-thing-not-necessarily-an-alt-thing-right-CY8ER? thing perfectly, as they’re pretty trad is most everything they do … until they rock, which they do as well as anybody when they aren’t doing perfectly acceptable and extraordinarily well-choreographed dance hall numbers instead.

Anyway, look at how boss this ish is:

Immense. The outfits involve spiked collars for some reason!

Man, they’re awesome. I hope this is half as good as it’s been teased, because I’d love to Q’ulle to do a little better in this year’s Best Of than last year’s, where they did well but did not win, to my chagrin.

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