#AdoptAnIdol Update: They Reached Out!

Just when it was starting to seem like Adopt-An-Idol might be a total bust the first time out, two big things happened yesterday.

First, we saw on Twitter that PoroPoro Baroque‘s members are two actual people!

And then the really exciting thing happened:

My bleeding heart was completely warmed at this moment. And I’m loving every single thing about that description.

We still don’t know exactly when their debut will be (obviously), but you gotta love that they know we’re paying attention and rooting for them.

If you’re new here:

This is PoroPoro Baroque.

2 thoughts on “#AdoptAnIdol Update: They Reached Out!

  1. I had high hopes for them. Still do, actually. Urara is cute. But their prospects took a huge blow. Kaname Karen (who’d been around with Hono since last summer-ish in the building stages) was completely awesome. And hilarious. She once decided to make a sand sculpture of a naked woman during the Guso/Petit Pas beach BBQ party. Unfortunately due to severe illness she had to withdraw. Since then I’m pinning my hopes more on another soon to debut act, “Koi wo Suru ni ha Wakasugiru”, a group created by the owner of the legendary Rockmaykan venue where Guso plays their weekly shows.


    If you wanted to stick to supporting A minor idols though, how about New Dental Clinic Corporation? They’re just about ready to debut. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm4CRJs91g0

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