You Should Love this Thing That Q’ulle’s Doing

Now that I guess they’re done with their “The Other Side of Hope” Asia tour, rock idols Q’ulle are taking this thing in a great direction:

Facebook translation:

Asian Tour 2016 project second round! ” 羽Batake!! Angel’s feather project ”
“Angels and fallen angel”
Fallen Angel… It is God, the Lord of creation, although
Free will fight for God, who defected from the angels.
Homing pigeons homing from heaven and became a fallen angel had five people in various places, but his own free will relate to the earth to sing on stage and dancing dancing
Hope that indicates a place where the light is the “Zepp Diver City Tokyo”.
Scattered in various places all of you at the feathers, gathered a monster of the heart!!.
Road to hope-to-the nippon budokan…
For more details
Nagoya Sendai, Hiroshima, Fukuoka Sendai venue come to all of the one I’ll give you a feather.
The Feather, tour final Zepp Diver City Hall its lance in wings
One of the people he put that at the wings feathers, if you please.
His love for the members, and five people with fans to take the nippon budokan and go in.
I have a lot of trouble you, but your chart with pleasure to meet you.
* to the hall, the tip of the wings of a set of parts and

Amazing. And just for the record, Zepp Diver City is no joke. That’s a pretty good-sized show!