PoroPoro Baroque Is No More

Our helpful friend Pukovnik Krv let me know early yesterday that the original (and probably only!) Adopt-an-Idol, Poroporo Baroque, is calling it quits. So far, all the official account has done is post the remaining members’ statements:

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We Keep Losing Idols from Poroporo Baroque

We’ve had some turnover (dramatic at that!) within the original Adopt-An-Idols, Poroporo Baroque, and the hits continue. I’m a little bit late to the party, unfortunately; today was already Mirumo’s last day with the group:

This time, it’s not a whole mess of anger or frustration, but a simple desire to have a bit of life back. She left Osaka to move to Tokyo to be part of this wild idol thing, and she’s lonely and wants to go home (TY Pukovnik Krv & @metalheadxXx). Fair enough! Continue reading

A Bunch of Wild Stuff from the Guso Drop Family

This whole business started with this post in the Guso Drop fan group on Facebook:

The whole set is here, and it’s impressive:

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More Membership Changes in PoroPoro Baroque

The original Adopt-An-Idol has been slowly but surely churning their way through the underground since their official debut a few months back, following in the wake of big sisters Guso Drop and getting onto the same bills as a few other names we’d recognize. And good for them! It’s a serious grind.

But they’ve also had their share of difficulties, and delicious difficulties they’ve been if you’re a fan of angst. First was Miyabi a couple of months ago, quitting because of the burden of work and school and spawning just heart-rending stuff from her former mates.

Everything from here coming directly from our friend Pukovnik Krv, as always; also the stuff above, because he’s a good source!

In the meantime, the group added Yori (go say hello) a few weeks ago and was continuing as a quartet.

And then Urara, one of the founding-founding members, dropped this bomb:

The reasons to get out?

2.5 hour one-way commute, lack of sleep due to getting home 1am and getting up for uni at 5, Uni stress, vocal cord polyps, mental problems, then she got pissed off at fans for badmouthing her for being self-centred when Miyabi left and she said she’d drag Porobaro forward by herself if needed

Now. While I very much appreciate the fact that the young lady showed a ton of bravado and scrappiness and let herself get pissed at fans who treated her poorly … what the hell, fans? I often draw analogies to North American pro sports, and any time I see wota get mad at idols because said teenager/young adult did something emotional or impetuous, I think about the way people piled shit on the likes of Sidney Crosby and Bryce Harper and even Freddy Adu not because of actual things they did wrong, but because they acted the way young people will sometimes in stressful, hormone-driven situations.

Anyway. Support your idols, people. You don’t have to love everything they do, but there’s a difference between not responding much when they perform (like, if they suck and/or are boring) and being abusive enough that somebody’s going to quit over it.

If you’re an Urara fan, her new personal Twitter is @ulalachann, and the Poro2Baro version is going away soon.

Hey, Cool, Poro2Baro Has Recorded Music Now!

Apparently, Daichi’s idols should go through more distress more often, because, like how Guso Drop responded to Shion’s departure by releasing an EP, Poroporo Baroque just posted (to my knowledge) their first recorded track to Soundcloud! Continue reading

Tumult and Sadness with Poroporo Baroque

It seems that the original Adopt-An-Idol, despite having had some growth opportunities and performance adventures lately, is having a little bit of a situation. Our friend @cobranaconda shared that Miyabi had elected to leave the group:

I attend a clothiers vocational school, and dealing with both school and being an idol at the same time was harsher than I’d imagined, and as it’d be damaging for my physical health to continue as I have been, it’s been decided that I’ll leave Poroporo Baroque.
To those who supported me, I apologise. Even though it was such a short time, thank you very much. Though brief, to me it’s become an experience of a lifetime.

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PoroPoro Baroque Had One Hell of a Debut Night

The original Adopt-An-Idol, PoroPoro Baroque, had a bit of an adventure around their first real-deal regular stage on Thursday night, and we are all very fortunate that @cobranaconda was there to not only experience it, but generously share the story.

Today was PoroPoro Baroque’s first regular live (12th overall, but they’ll be doing this location mostly weekly from now on) at Akiba Chika.

As described here:

To start with, [Manager] [made] many random decisions throughout the night. They started with a long MC like Guso Drop, and because it was the first time they decided to do a bit of self-intro. Only being weird they were all super long.

Urara started and basically gave her entire life history. Hono just pointed out her weaknesses and strengths. Mirumo just talked in Kansai dialect to be funny, and finished with the line, “Oh by the way, I’m a G-cup”. Miyabi had screwed up her memo papers, and her intro was basically, “I don’t like idols. I never wanted to be an idol. I can’t dance or sing. I’m just here because I fell for Urara.”

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The Original Adopt-an-Idol Will Finally Debut

I ultimately decided to drop the Adopt-an-Idol project per community feedback, but everybody who chipped in a little on the original project and supported PoroPoro Baroque when they were little more than a Twitter account can feel some vindication:

Also, I failed to report it before, but they did ultimately get their fourth member: Continue reading

Adopt-An-Idol Update: First Stage Photos

It wasn’t much, but our young friends in PoroPoro Baroque got a chance to make a mini-debut last night. And here are the photos!

Adopt-An-Idol may be taking a little break to reassess, but we can still be happy for our pilot subject’s first time doing their thing on stage. I just wish we could hear that brutal song come out of those tiny, tiny people.

Adopt-An-Idol Update: They Grow up So Fast

Despite there being every conceivable good reason not to continue to Adopt-An-Idol with PoroPoro Baroque, I did say that I’d continue to keep an eye out for them; when they do finally debut, maybe then we can make another attempt.

But of course I was asleep during crucial events. Fortunately, kind reader Pukovnik Krv passed on some info:  Continue reading