A Very Special Edition of the Mond– Tuesday Match Game

Hey, do you guys remember IRONBUNNY? I sure do, and even though I ultimately wasn’t moved to make them a proper Homicidols Big Deal, things changed when they popped up in the Western metal press:

I’ve had them on speed dial for the past week because I noticed on Twitter that they’d recorded an MV, which I took to be an almost dead certainty that we’d be getting that MV in due time, and sure enough it happened! It’s a good song, and what incredible timing, considering that I hadn’t had a chance to write up the latest BABYMETAL MV yet but still intended to do so — but would life really be best served with two separate posts about idol metal that has happened to connect to one degree or another in the West, or would things be much more fun than to smash those two things together into a single empty competition? You know the answer by now!

Now, I ordinarily wouldn’t be so crass or reductive as to attribute to IRONBUNNY any greater similarity to BABYMETAL than their general musical style and use of three vocalists, which in general makes IRONBUNNY no more similar to BABYMETAL than, like, half of the things we talk about here, but MetalSucks made the point and Ironbunny ran with it, and so let’s run with it too!

Winner gets … nothing actually! This is purely for funsies!