meme tokyo.’s Christmas Gift Ultimately Has Nothing To Do With Christmas

I think when it comes to those who already know of meme tokyo.’s existence, they fall into two categories:

  1. meme tokyo. are Dempagumi Jr.
  2. meme tokyo. are that group that Mewclub from BiS is in now.

Being a much bigger BiS fan than Dempagumi fan, I naturally fall into the latter category. Anyway, it’s nice to see her in music videos again!

Well, this is really promising! Albeit, for a song titled Melancholy Circus, it doesn’t sound melancholy at all. But it sure makes me excited to see where this little group takes off.

You might be wondering why I’m calling Melancholic Circus would a Christmas gift when the song overall has nothing to do with Christmas. Well, that’s because it comes out on December 25th, of all days! It’s like a Christmas present that we have to pay for! Isn’t that sweet of Dear Stage? 

Now give us an MV of that other Dear Stage group with a former second-gen BiS member please, thanks.