Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me about SHINGEKI’s Awesome Thing?

Well if there just hasn’t been a ton of stuff to do and catch up on these past couple of weeks! I apologize to all idols involved for the little burst of little posts today, but I don’t want to miss a thing (/Aerosmith joke), or at least not more than I’ve already missed.

But! This piece, obviously from SHINGEKI, is a couple of weeks old now; it is, however, completely worth your time:

Sorry, this song rocks, you guys. Like ROCKS. I don’t care that it’s equal parts awesome and SHINGEKI being SHINGEKI, or even that it involves people in those goofy light-up masks that I get served ads for for some reason. And yeah, maybe I’m a believer in SENKOU SOUND now (it’s in the house tonigt!). I’m not kidding, in true SHINGEKI fashion the song makes less than zero sense, but they managed to hit every little flourish that I eat up in genres from idorock to deathcore, and I’m here wondering if we already have a leader for 2020’s song of the year.

I may also be getting away ahead of myself! But for real, I don’t even know what the occasion of this being published was, other than SHINGEKI doing SHINGEKI things, so if you happen to be a wota of theirs, by all means clue us in.