A Most Penny-pinching Friday Fun

Wait, its Friday already? I thought it was Wednesday! Um…Wow! These sure are some mind-blowing collaborations!

Did anybody go to East Meets West this weekend? Our friend Daemon sure did! Check out the first of his several interviews, and wish him a happy birthday, he’s an awesome lad. And on top of all that, Necroma announced even more shows, with Oyasumi Hologram of all people!

You USA-based idol fans must be saving your pennies right now. I’m still feeling the afterburn of a UK idol show every month between May and July so I understand your pain. How does one continue to be an idol fan on such a low budget? And then, how do those very idols continue to be when they’re not making a fortune from broke fans?

This week’s theme is #IdolOnABudget. You could go down the route of being an idol fan on a budget, or the route of idol companies themselves being on a budget. I’m sure you wouldn’t even need any joke examples for this week! But of course, I always appreciate the jokes.