Gird up Your Loins: NECRONOMIDOL’s New Album Is on the Way

Long had it been rumored, suspected, hinted at and blasphemously prophesied that darkness idols NECRONOMIDOL would soon, eventually release another record, their fairly exhausting touring schedule and requisite omnipresence in the chika scene made it unclear as to exactly when that was going to happen. Now we know!

Also, please tell me that’s a Beetlejuice reference in the art

A handful of old favorites on there, yes, but even more new stuff. And while I’m sure that “INNSMOUTH” will contain enough existential horror to last a lifetime, I’m particularly drawn to “SAMHAIN” and hereby demand that it be a tribute to Halloween, the old gods of the Celts and Glenn Danzig, which would simultaneously be hella awesome and put a nice bow on Necroma’s tour dates with Oyasumi Hologram, if you get my meaning.

I’d been wondering when Necroma was going to release something new — it’s been a minute! — and where the absolute blackest of idols would turn next. We have one half of those answers now; where things land next month, that I can’t wait to see.

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