Tentenko – I Don’t Want the World, I Just Want Your Cat

Tentenko doesn’t always get a lot of mentions here since she, technically, is a former idol and not a current one. What she is, though, is one of the more quietly productive and increasingly significant voices in the Japanese indie music scene and, when she does perform, it is typically alongside the more prominent names in chika idol.

Recently, however, Tentenko has seen a string of buzzworthy events that may indicate the BiS alumna’s first steps towards global conquest and warrant a mention outside of The Weekender.  First was her interview and profile in the mainstream Western media. Sure it was in Vice , and, sure, they played the “weird” card while profiling a Japanese artist, but it was still a substantive and well-researched piece that focused on her music cred.

That article was in the lead up to her first Western album release: a self-titled LP on pink vinyl courtesy of Toothpaste Records.

Most recently, she has announced the release of her latest album All You Need is Cat, a collection of covers of her favorite cat-related songs including, “Lovecats” by The Cure and collaborations with other cat-loving musicians.

The six-track mini-album has a release date of December 5th.

So with her eyes set on the world and a cat sidekick named Hark, if the next Tentenko news involves her setting up base in a hollowed-out volcano and sharks with freaking lasers, we will all wish we had paid much closer attention to her.

In the meantime, you can keep an eye on her Soundcloud where she religiously reveals at least one new musical creation a month.