50 YMM MVs Day 20: Tour

Boom Boom Boom Boom!  Today’s You’ll Melt More! video is the one for Giza Giza Freedom.

It’s another one spliced together from live footage to promote the ongoing WE ARE A ROCK FESTIVAL tour (which was promoting the mini-album of the same name) and the upcoming finale at the Ebisu LIQUIDROOM.

Prior to this You’ll Melt More! also produced a video of SUN SUN SUN featuring the group dancing in a Shanghai street.  They have produced a few of these “dance” videos over the years but we have decided not to include them in our count; it shows the true total of YMM MVs could be open to argument though.

Around this time Ano also appeared alongside beloved songsmith Oomori Seiko in her song Gutto Kuru SUMMER.

There was also a racehorse called Gutto Kuru Summer but we’re getting further and further from the subject now.  See you tomorrow!