Your Homicidols Weekender #186

On a week that was either turbulent, or boring, depending on who you ask, we still have idols to tide the week by.

What exactly happened this week, you ask?

Well, for starters, have you noticed some of the recent overhauls to the site lately? Everyone give a big round of applause for Daemon, who made all of this (as well as a lot of this weekender) possible! 

And screw it, why not clap for this stuff too:

MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN are now an edamame themed unit, or something.

After what feels like a century, D-Frontier finally released their songs on digital platforms.

In case you missed the Song Of The Summer post, Peri Ubu‘s debut is mindblowing.

The members of Malcom Mask McLaren show us they can do more than sing and dance.

What could have been…

If you missed Lilli Kaona and Shihatsu Machi Underground’s two-man  livestream, you have a few more days to catch it so GO WATCH IT NOW!!

Crossnoesis is becoming what we all hoped they could be.

I’m not sure who GRATIA-ALA are, but I want to know more.

Just in time for summer Ikigusare, the vitual idols from your nightmares, release “Snow Woman”.

THE BANANA MONKEYS attempted to watch AV for 24 hours straight, YouTube shutdowns ensued.

DOWNLOAD’s virtual festival will be streaming BABYMETAL (Disturbed, The Darkness, Volbeat, Alestorm and more) on Sunday.

Oshiloss Corner

Former PASSPO☆ members Anna and Mio have started a YouTube channel together.

Friends of Homicidols

Perfume have spent quarantine just like everyone else: playing Animal Crossing.

Meanwhile, Tenma from URBANGARDE still can’t play guitar.

For Tracy Hyde shared vaction video from their Janary trip to Thailand.

Have a Good Weekend!