Your Weekly Livestream Timetable No.3

Here’s your weekly collection of all of the livestream and #stayhome event info we can find.  

It’s difficult to catch every broadcast announcement so please DM me on Twitter (@daemetal) if you notice something is missing and check back for updates.

Livestream Timetable

Updated: May 9

PLEASE NOTE: All dates and times listed are Japan Standard Time (JST). Convert to your time here.

Saturday, May 9th (JST)

13:00 – Task have FunInternet trouble consultation Part.2Purchase Cheki Here

15:00 – lyrical schoolNEW EP Release Remote Autograph Session – Yuu & Hinako – Purchase Autograph Here

17:00 (10:00 CET) – BURST GIRLMONSTER OF DOLLS: Live Set and Chat

18:00 (11:00 CET) – MELON BATAKE a gogoMONSTER OF DOLLS: Greetings and Chat

19:00 – JyujyuNue-chan YouTube Cooking Show

18:40 (11:40 CET) – You’ll Melt MoreMONSTER OF DOLLS: Exclusive Video Surprise

Sunday, May 10th (JST)

15:00 – lyrical schoolNEW EP Release Remote Autograph Session – Risano & Minan – Purchase Autograph Here

17:30 – seireki13ya“FemtoNovaSet Tour ~ attofoe from DIGITAL ~ Day4”

18:30 – TORICAGO“I CAN FLY-The Feast of It” 90-minute YouTube Live

19:00 – You’ll Melt More“Uchieru Mo!” To enhance your home time!!

20:30 – 2&YouTube LivePurchase Cheki Here


Friends of Homicidols

18:00 – BAND-MAIDDay of the MaidMerch Sales start at 15:00 at the International Shop

Monday, May 11th (JST)

Friends of Homicidols

20:00 – Takei MarikoOnline Single Release Party

Daily Broadcasts

21:00 – Minna no KodomochanCinnamon Leisurely Live Delivery

17:00 – Gokigen Teikoku A Different Member Live Streams Each Day

On Mondays, all members stream together at 20:00


Saturday, May 16th (JST)

19:00 – JyujyuNue-chan Cooking Show on YouTube

Saturday, May 23rd (JST)

19:00 – JyujyuNue-chan Cooking Show on YouTube