The Anti-graduation Friday Fun

Last week I asked you all to contribute your cover art for the artless WACK is SHiT.

Which one did I pick? Congrats @toxicbreakfast!

Don’t forget to check out the other entries so you can decide what art you want!

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Dots by now. Go and read Supremenothing’s recent article on them, it’s great!

One thing that intrigued me was how Dot-chans do not graduate, merely “assume new forms.” With Dot’s wacky concept, I was curious for a while as to how they’d handle graduations, and now I guess I have my answer.

But what if other idol units handled graduation in a similar way, in that they don’t say “graduation”, but more, like parents trying to explain to their children “No, your dog wasn’t hit by a car, he went to live on a farm!”

Come up with your new terms for idol graduation this week! Use #IdolGraduationAlternatives so future idol agencies can cushion the blow.