Maison Book Girl: What Would You Like to Know?

Hello friends! You may be aware that Maison Book Girl will be performing a few shows in the UK next week/end. If you didn’t, here:

Buy tickets!

Official United Kingdom Okay Really Just England Idol-meeting Correspondent Kerrie and I are working on firming up booking for a sit-down with MBG. How cool will that be?

Pretty cool. I know that Kerrie’s excited. I look forward to editing the HTML. None of it is going to be all that compelling, though, unless we have stuff to talk about!

So what would you like to know? We here at normally reserve this kind of thing for the patrons (become one!), but I see no harm in crowdsourcing input on some good topics of conversation. If there are things that you’d like to have us try to work into the interview, go ahead and add them in the comments!

Also, if your Japanese is good enough that you can carry on a conversation in the language, and you’ll be in attendance, connect with @weeaboowitch

By the way, you can even win free tickets!

If you like, you can pick up some vinyl while you’re at it:

This is going to be cool, you guys, and it’s not even remotely the only thing we have cooking right now.

2 thoughts on “Maison Book Girl: What Would You Like to Know?

  1. we need more vinyl in the idol industry! and good priced ones like this. not that overpriced bullshit.

  2. If I was in England I would assist with the translating, but that’s not really a possibility so… sorry!

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