In Which the Friday Fun Fights Intergalactic Genocide

How did you enjoy possibly the worst Friday Fun I ever came up with?

You know, this line from last week’s Friday Fun post was supposed to be just a one-off remark:

Make Idol Is Dead: Infinity War starring all of WACK plz

But then I was like “Ah, screw it. My Friday Fun queue is running out and there’s already a ton of Infinity War memes all over Twitter anyway, might as well take advantage while it’s actually relevant.”

So there we have it. I don’t know how many of you have seen Infinity War yet (I haven’t, but thanks to all the spoilers I’ve already seen, I no longer need to!) but just swap the superheroes with idols. Those of you who have never watched a single Avengers movie, just picture the scenario of every idol needing to team up to save the world (or save the wota, or the idol industry, or maybe the plot is that they all decided to just go to McDonalds at once, I don’t care). How broad or how limited can this be?

The bigger the better, of course, but if you just want to keep it to a specific branding then that’ll work to! Maybe you actually do want to create “Idol Is Dead: Infinity War” or “Codomomental League” or maybe you just want to imagine all of your favourite groups doing stuff together in a dramatic way. Make it bigger than Babymetal’s money mountain (which shouldn’t be that hard with the Yuimetal fiasco happening right now)!

This week’s hashtag is #IdolInfinityWar. And sorry for all the upcoming Avengers spoiler memes. I already did a certain Kamiya Saki one a couple of weeks ago.