Your Homicidols Weekender #71

Good morning! Your friendly neighborhood Maniac is still reeling a bit from some mystery illness, friends, and there’s this whole Corenament business to see to (we’re more than halfway through!), so forgive the brevity, as my head isn’t working right. Do you need an example? How about that I just spent several minutes Googling a word that doesn’t exist in English? Yeah.

It’s the first weekend of spring, or autumn if you’re one of those poor people living on the world’s underside, and it may be nice enough to do outside things where you are. If so, go do them! But of course, play the Fun, and then take a few minutes to turn our Elite Eight into a Final Four.

What Was the Word?

Actual first order of business? Go do this:

Are you interested in joining Kaqriyo Terror Architect?

Look at Nao:

Post-PIIIIIIIN group Queens got a nice little rocker out:

I wanted to include all of these details for sora tob sakana’s major debut:

I’ll never get over An’z changing her hair like this for AIBECK:

The Broken By The Scream gaijin interview series reaches English!

Tsuioku Monochrome is done:

When your JyuJyu members go KOTO:

What the ever-loving hell?

It’s been so long since we saw anything from Wonder Lander!

What a breakdown:

I’m putting my foot down: Philosophy no Dance is how we’ll do the name from now on, and they’re doing the best disco in idol right now:

Somebody give Misa whatever she wants:

Is Sola Sound sort of becoming a big deal?

This is from Futari Opposite’s last live?

Way to take the stuffing out of SHINGEKI, producer-san:

Candy GO!GO! being extremely on the nose with their new single:

Every single thing that VMO does is magical:


Watanabe says things:

This is different from Asterisk:

Just some person fan video of SAKA-SAMA’s first one-man:

Everything that milcboy does is great:

Have a very nihil weekend!