An Oddly Age-appropriate Friday Fun

5:00 a.m, Thursday morning.

I just tried and failed to sleep actual human being hours and now I’m groggy, headachy, listening to Night On Verse again as I ponder, as I have for at least a week now, “what the hell did Hirano “Trivago-chan” Nozomu do to deserve this?”

But speaking of Night On Verse:

So with the fallout of whatever the hell is happening over at WACK causing people to consider (but ultimately give up) emigrating to AqbiRec in the same vein as the 2016 election making Americans consider (but ultimately giving up) moving to Canada, There There Theres did a show where the majority of their audience appeared to be 3 year-olds yesterday. And you know what? It’s god damn adorable!

Look, we’re so used to idols performing for adult men that seeing little kids, half of whom don’t seem to care and are just climbing on stage and others who seem to care too much and keep climbing on stage, is kind of refreshing. It instantly made me think back to the early 2000s when Mini Moni, a group specifically targeted towards children, was the biggest thing in Japanese preschools and kids and adults alike flooded to their lives like tiny ants.

There There Theres weren’t exactly the second coming of Mini Moni that I was expecting, and yet somehow their kid-friendly performance worked! Sure, the whole thing was a hot mess from start to finish, but it was a hot mess in an amazing, endearing way that few other idols could pull off, unless those idols happened to be Necronomidol on a trip to Thailand.

So what would other idols do when faced with a room full of children? That’s for you to ponder this weekend! Tweet your theories with the hashtag #IfMoreIdolsPerformedForKids.

Yes, I really did imply that WACK is the USA and AqbiRec is Canada. Sorry folks.