Friday Fun: You’ll Never Replace the Time You Waste Replacing Idols

So about those photobooks. Not gonna lie, I’d probably buy some of them. Especially that sexy Watanabe one, oh baby.

So here I am, trying to think of a new Friday Fun that doesn’t involve coming up with predictions and conspiracies involving WACK Fes, because let’s be honest, you’re all sick of that, when I remembered that I’ve really gotten into Gokigen Teikoku lately. I mean, I was a casual fan the past year or so, but this month I’ve really gotten into them. Indies Best is one heck of an album!

And that, in turn, made me remember this thrilling saga of Ichiho going on sick leave and being replaced by a blow-up sex doll, only for it to face a violent and tragic demise.

For some reason, I thought, “that should happen more often!”

No, not idols getting sick, but when they need to take a leave of absence for whatever reason they get replaced with whatever daft thing they can find for the time being. With the recent flu outbreak knocking out everyone from Hello! Project to WACK, imagine how many inflatable wives there’d be right now! The CEO of that company could retire peacefully.

This is a family site however (I think?) so we do not encourage you to go to the skeevy side of the web and pick up certain equipment, so who (or what) else could be used as a temporary fill-in member in these trying flu-filled times? Heck, it doesn’t even necessarily have to do with sick leave; with the AyaSaki swap-back happening pretty soon you could also tie it into that somehow.

Come up with some appropriate replacements in the hashtag #TemporaryReplacementIdols and god help us all.

This is going to be terrible