Your Homicidols Weekender #40

Did you guys have a good week? I have two more left in Maniac’s Human Alter Ego Goes to Hell, which is how I’ve decided to call this Day Job project that needs to be done by the end of the month. It’s a little stressful, so thank goodness for idols.

The 100 Days of Tsurezure are done, but Oshi Digest is on. The Fun is fun. It’s Saturday, it’s nice out. Without further ado:

Ahh, the Good Stuff

I wanted to do something with the latest from Let’s Poco Poco! from last weekend, but not that much:



Coco from GANG PARADE did Kika one better and went full black metal for a live last weekend; you have never seen this before:

There There Theres donned the white-and-black themselves, as they did a show with VMO and there are rules here, damn it:

Damn it, Snowdrop, I thought you’d be different:

Solo sister Like, Hate, Love is done:

iso-Ska needs a refresh!

I think Ubu’s gonna be okay:

Did you see that Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da and “Untitled Choir” will be the theme music for this thing in September?

I really hope that 969 can take off a little so that the world can become better acquainted with Reirei:

You might be compelled beyond that whole prog-idol thing to get into Futari Opposite based on this trailer for their debut EP:

C-Style at least temporarily down to two:

You know who never stops being weird? Nerfy Guiner Bieber:

Fan art!

For reasons unbeknownst to me, STARMARIE uploaded new live video of “Let’s Get a Job in a Haunted House”:

Any interest in Full Power Girls R and their summer single?

How about Oomori Seiko

Mashil/ro/Shachi posted several new tracks over the course of the week, and also a still that really sums her up:

My girl Gozeela gets it:

Filed under Karaoke Contests That I Never Thought I’d See:

Emi’s still doing this weird ice cream thing:

This damn video:

Have a super weekend!

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  1. Hey, know they haven’t been mentioned here for a while but i should point out that Batten Shoujotai released an album a while back and that it’s really good and fun!

  2. Every time I kind of think I’m getting a vague understanding of who’s who in the alt idol world you post 10 bands I’ve never heard of! Your like a university professor who just keeps adding to my study load with no end in site! Thanks Homicidol!!!

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