Your Homicidols Weekender #254

Welcome to the TIF Weekend edition of the Weekender. As you may have heard, day one got cancelled thanks to Typhoon No.16 which is now trademarked the name of my future idol unit (“We’re Typhoon No.16: strong enough to blow away TIF!!”). As I type this, we are 20 minutes away from PIGGS TIF debut. By the time you read it, Day Two will be in the books and we’ll all be scheduling therapy for whatever trauma was inflicted on us by this year’s WACK DREAMLIGHTS.

A lot of deserving people didn’t get invited to TIF this year but still gave us some pretty amazing stuff this week, such as:

Yurapico had a special message for us following BURST GIRL’s disillusion live. I’m not crying You’re crying.

Idolcore antiheroes Satanic Punish announced the impending released of a new blasphemous single, “Skull Maria”.

Speaking of blasphemy, this is NECRONOMIDOL’s best MV in years and deserves a lot better than weekender treatment. Unfortunately, dayjob got in the way of things and I couldn’t find time to give it proper attention. May The Great Old Ones Forgive me! In penance, I shall watch this repeatedly and with reverence in quantities divisible by five. Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!!

While finally got some well deserved attention from this site courtesy of Cal, what about subunit Nemopero from

While we’re on a dempa kick, here’s CY8ER’s spiritual descendant, HO6LA with their latest.

Our all-time favorite collaborative venture, CHILDISH TONES x Beni Usakura, is still partnered up and gave us this MV.

JyuJyu have been releasing PVs from their their recent one-man band set all week. This is a new song they unveiled, “Digression”, and it’s brilliant.

I again highly recommend checking out one of the more interesting debuts of 2021: THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO.

Speaking of 2021 debuts, innes is fabulous and you can now buy their stuff over at IU.

The Candye Syrup Cafe is now complete and open for business!!

twinpale officially debuted this week (finally). They also gave us this MV.

DAI DAI DAI is Welsh for DAVE DAVE DAVE, you know.

9999.99 -count stop- are now known as IQ99 and are still a lot of fun.

stellasugarlet:  sweet sweet as ever.

This is EVE. I don’t know much more about them except that this is their second MV and I like it. Fill me in if you know the scoop.

Maison book girl may be retired as a unit, but their fandom is forever! Here’s a noble effort from Solitude Hotel Group to get MBG’s documentary series subtitled…

Ikigusare got a refill of nightmare fuel just to deliver this to you special.

It’s probably unrelated, but Wagamama Kiite decided to start all over from scratch.

Have a Good Weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #254

  1. Thank you for your hard work. Great content this week! Strange coincidence, but that HO6LA clip is the third music video I’ve watched in this weekend that features the Yokohama merry-go-round.

    • Coincidentally, I was just watching the dorama, “Oshi no Oujisama” and it’s in that as well. As the characters walked past it, I thought, “That merry-go round is in EVERYTHING!”

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