Let’s Discover Rie Kaneko’s New Project, Ilie

Ilie is a solo project of Rie Kaneko who we know and love as the only original member of LADYBABY whose tenure lasted for the duration of the unit.  At some point after hanging up the leather and lace of her former death pop group, Rie signed on with the ultra-hip ekoms production and management company (home of Qumali Depart, CROSSNOESIS and the dearly missed Maison book girl).  She debuted as Ilie back in July with this MV for “aimai”.

Musically, the project is in some of the best hands imaginable.  All of Ilie’s songs so far have been created by Maison book girl producer, Kenta Sakurai who, in addition to Mbg, has also composed for ZOC and Qumali Depart.  Ilie held her first one-man live back in August when they also released their second MV.

I have a Grumpy Bear too!! He’s my favorite.

The musical aesthetic is very reminiscent of Maison book girl, so anyone going into withdrawals from their recent disillusion will hopefully find some solace in Rie’s new project. The visual aesthetic, however, is very restrained and homemade with thrift-store costuming and her latest MV shot entirely on smart phones.

This project is kind of a perfect storm of comfort; anyone missing Rie from her LADYBABY days can team up with those who nurture a Maison book girl-sized hole in their hearts and commiserate with each other.

Ilie just held her second one-man live last night after which she announced a three-date tour for November.