This Is a PIGGS Post

Really felt necessary to get this one out of the way as a standalone thing — we here at Homicidols Dot Com aren’t all huge PIGGS people, but I feel like we all support PIGGS in principle on the grounds of their being oriented toward audiences outside of Japan and all. Plus Cal’s like secretly best friends with everybody in the bigger, broader WACK family and usually has fun anecdotes that we can’t ethically publish, and that includes at least one meaningful conversation with PIGGS’s Ryan B. I personally missed the actual debut of this, Pour Lui’s latest attempt to make good on her own personal vision, but I’ve been fortunate enough for them to release stuff during my time back to paying attention, including this MV and the implications thereof but more importantly the upcoming release of a new EP, 5 Kill Stars, from which they released some additional music the other day:

That’s … that’s just really nice, isn’t it? Good song, PIGGS. Wonderful hook. I’ve already been extremely looking forward to the EP release as a way to have something extra to hyperventilate about during Best Of season but not included in Best Of season, and this feels like it’ll fit the bill perfectly.

Now, why isn’t there an MV, you ask? Don’t ask me, man. They already gave us the one, how much do you need? The record release is a month away! And whatnot. I think it’s entirely plausible that “why” can be answered with “because they’re doing some other weird-ass endurance thing idk” followed by mumbling and putting on a big show of not looking at the stuff but also drawn to it, disasters being as interesting as they normally are and all:

COVID has brought some really weird stuff to bear, and this is PIGGS and all, but no, I’m not going to pretend to understand and am in fact ignoring actual information about this “event” because it’s best if I know as little as possible.