Your Homicidols Weekender #183

While #stayhome orders are being loosened all over to restart economies, the Homicidol economy never stopped. This goes to prove that alternative and underground idols are the most adaptable, resourceful and resilient players in the market and can churn out new material under any circumstance. Exhibit A through Zed

Someone forgot that BiSH is the punk band withOUT musical instruments.

NECRONOMIDOL unvieled their most illegible logo yet. It’s our favorite.

Another of our new favorite things, FRUN FRIN FRIENDS, teased thier new single.

lyrical school couldn’t go out to shoot new footage for their latest MV, so they just spliced together a bunch of clips from old MVs. It works surprisingly well.

NaNoMoRaL deliver another lovely socially distance live song from their homes…

Wagamama Rakia is better than we deserve.

Another sweet cover from Zsasz, this time with vocals by Rom.

Malcolm Mask McLaren is making the most of their #stayhome time.

Okinawa Electric Girl Saya has a bandcamp exclusive track (A collaboration with Banetoriko.) that you can listen to and buy…


Spark Speaker has made thier full 5th one-man-live PV available until the end of May.

And not trying to brag or nutthin’, but it’s kinda cool to see one of our articles being translated and shared with Japanese readers…

SHINGEKI would like some of your attention.

It’s the costume history of Perfume, documented in fan art!

Oshiloss Corner

Rei (former LADYBABY) and her sister continue to kill it with BRATS.

Have a Good Weekend!