And Now A Delightful Visit To SAKA-SAMA World…

I’ve been wondering if this steady stream of... um, well…streaming live shows is the beginning of another game-changing alteration in our strange and new socially distant world that’s here to stay, or just a means to get through the weirdness of the times. Ultimately I feel like it’s probably a little of both. A number of idol groups have figured out that there’s different ways to supplement their incomes through these online shows by either charging indie-pay-per-view fees, selling merchandise tied into the moment, or even just leaving up a donation link like a virtual hat laying on the sidewalk busker-style. There’s a ton of these events happening now of course, and thankfully Daemon’s been doing a capital job of trying to help keep us aware of what’s coming up.

On one hand, these events are excellent opportunities for fans outside of Japan to feel a little more included in the chika experience, but there’s unfortunately a couple of disadvantages for us westerners. You know the one that’s really a drag for me? Time zones! I’m usually either in bed, taking the dog for a morning walk, or trying to get to work when these things are happening, so I very rarely watch them in real time. BUT the internet gives us one more option if it’s deemed okay by the group’s management, and that’s the joy of archived video…

And so I felt like my soul was saved to see that this terrific audience-less SAKA-SAMA  live show was left available online afterwards to treat myself this evening. TRASH-UP!! has stated that this video will remain up for a “few more days”, so I don’t know how much longer you actually have, so I’m gonna tell you to clear some free time right away and take in an hour and twenty minutes of adorable SAKA mixed up with some first-rate SAMA and enjoy this absolutely terrific live show! (If you wanna watch it right now and then come back here later, go right ahead, I’ll wait up…) 

That was great wasn’t it?!? I know I’m admittedly a pretty biased SAKA-SAMA mark, so maybe it’s too easy for me to say, but with every varied member incarnation, the group has always fulfilled my criteria for what constitutes great idol music: Charm, fun, and an earnest desire to reach out and connect with their audience. I think the Kokone/Mizuho version of SAKA-SAMA is the bee’s knees with extra-fashionable socks and some super-cute shoes. I just loved this show, and considering they have a great big empty void at the foot of the stage, they did a pretty amazing job of performing with a lot of heart.

Another thing I wanted to mention, a bunch of these songs are from their new album, “DAYDREAM”, which has been something of an exclusive release that hasn’t been widely distributed or streamed in it’s entirety. I’ve been wanting to tell you peeps how much I love this album, so here’s a window for you to hear some of those wonderful tunes.  There’s still some terrific lo-fi dream pop here, but also something of a new direction with new, upbeat, high-energy dance tunes, including one song that’s downright close to digital hardcore!  It’s one of the most surprising but yet fully satisfying albums of the year. Lend a close ear to the audio and I think you’ll get an idea of what I mean…

There’s also plans to release a live recording of this show, so keep an eye out for that too, although like the album, it’ll also be a little tougher to get hold off. It’ll be great to let TRASH-UP!! know that there’s plenty of us outside of Japan that want in on the SAKA-SAMA world, so they’ll open the distribution on these goods up just a little bit more.

I think I’m gonna go ahead and watch this show again this evening and hopefully more over the weekend. These are the kind of good vibes we need, and I’m just eating it up like a big filled donut with sprinkles on top. Enjoy! 


4 thoughts on “And Now A Delightful Visit To SAKA-SAMA World…

  1. Apparently there’s a group named Monoclone that came to be during the pandemic! They have a couple “lives” on YouTube and they sound great, I’d really love to hear about them here too!

    • We’re familiar with the group, but you’re correct that we haven’t covered them on the blog yet. Perhaps we will do that sometime soon!

  2. I guess that I appreciate that they’re still able to put out content and once crowds come back I wouldn’t mind groups continuing to stream their lives for a fee. Lives are the bread and butter of a lot of underground idols and I don’t just mean as a means of making money. To use my favorite group, Burst Girl, as an example I can actually take or leave the album/EP recordignsand if that’s all I had I might not give them a second thought. But watching their lives, either those early fancams or the professionally produced one man they uploaded, is fun because of how much energy there is both on stage and in the crowd.

    In fact it was watching a fancam of Guso Drop’s wild performance from Gyuno Fes 2017 that really got me hooked on the underground idol scene.

    So having the option to let people buy virtual tickets for lives once crowds are back seems like a no brainer thing to keep around. It’s an easy source of extra money and I think helps to showcase these groups and performers the way they’re meant to be seen and heard.

    • I agree all around. I feel like the virtual pay-per-view shows have a realistic chance of being a regular thing once the state of the world has gotten (somewhat) more normal.

      (And yeah, Guso Drop will always be chika legends, and we owe them a lot!)

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