Your Homicidols Weekender #144

While the members of Team Homicidols would love to be irresponsibly uninformed music bloggers full time, we do have work and school and other things that resemble aspects of real life that unfairly consume the majority of our waking hours.   This being the case, we do let a few significant things slip through the cracks of Homicidols coverage, especially during times like this week when Maniac isn’t around to keep us on task. Hence the weekender!!

Here are the other things we would have written about this week if we didn’t have to work for food:

Team Homicidols is collectively going to hell for not giving this Oyasumi Hologram MV a standalone feature.

Here’s a sentence I never thought I would write:  Aina the End collaborated with SUGIZO for a Gundam theme song.

You probably know this already, but BABYMETAL released a PV for the English language version of “Elevator Girl”.

Keep voting for YONEKO for Miss iD2020!! She’s hovering around 12-13th place and probably needs to crack the top 10 to make the finals.

Hiroshima-based PLANCK STARS dropped their first MV and it is good:

Little context for this but here’s the debut and theme song for some ladies called Sprinkle:

Prog-rock idols XOXO-EXTREME seem to have dispensed with the (Kiss&Hug)s and have announced their first full length album for September.

While Bellring Third Part a.k.a. NILKLY have their debut EP the same month:

The members of LONDON BLUE‘s upcoming soft reboot have been revealed:

This is the dude who wrote the new JyuJyu single btw:

Essentially all of SAKA-SAMA are now officially graduated, (insert sad emoji here.) with only Kokone remaining. There are plans for new members in the works, but Mizuho (Atomic Ministry) will be acting as a temporary SAKA until the reboot comes along.

Papermaiden is a mascot afficinado, and liked this wonderful dog who spends his time helping people in serious need, and I agree he rates a weekender mention! (Extra bonus, those are members of RYUTist with him!)

Speaking of RYUTist, they’re one of my absolute very favorite favorite things on the planet, but maybe just a little too outside the niche for Homicidols, so I never talk about them here. But since we’re running the Weekender, here’s their most delightful new single! It’s written by “C-want you!” of the Neo-city-pop band Magic, Drums, and Love(SN)

This new Task Have Fun song is great, plus the MV is also very lively and playful. Actually, it might be my favorite song of theirs since “3WD”! But is it just me, or is the audio intentionally muted? I had the turn up the volume nearly all the way to enjoy it, but don’t let that deter you! (SN)

And how about that new Okinawa Electric Girl Saya song/MV? It’s the title track from her new album “Black Angel”. (Which contains a who’s-who of super-cool collaborators.) This is actually one of the more “conventional” songs I’ve heard from her, although certainly still not your traditional idol fare. On the first go round, I thought it was “pretty okay”, (Maybe I expected more avant in my garde.) but after a follow-up listens, I’m liking it quite a bit more…(SN)

mekakushe is a non-idol Codomomental project that’s definitely worth checking out.

This has been your Weekender for August 17-18th, 2019. Now go have a fun, fun, fun weekend!!