Start Off Monday With a Sari Surprise

Is this perhaps the most anticipated comeback of 2019? I sure think so.

Oh, Sari, how I’ve missed your voice.

It was a topic of debate in the theoretical Homicidols office whether to just stick this in a Withdrawn Wednesday or to give it its own standalone post; Sari isn’t an idol anymore, after all. But there’s somewhat of a special history between Sari and Homicidols that didn’t really justify just throwing it into a compilation article. So, think of this as a Withdrawn Wednesday standalone post. Or, a “Missing Monday”, if you will.

Anyway, I’m very emotional right now. “Kyusai” is a beautiful song, that feels both totally unlike anything she did with NECRONOMIDOL, yet, familiar enough to feel comforting to those who missed her these past eight months. Teaming up with Kei Toriki was a good call, as not only does Sari still sound amazing but the instrumental adds to a very etherial, atmostpheric piece that works so well with Sari’s style. As expected to someone who has worked with Necroma in the past. Also, Sari is a fantastic artist! That part isn’t new to anybody who has followed her for a long time, but she made the album art for this demo and everything about it I just really love. 

Sari also shared new promotional images, where it appears her trademark spider has since evolved into a goldfish, truly a good day for arachnophobes everywhere. In addition, she’s opened up a website where you can buy merch and follow her schedule, so I’d suggest you check that out.

There’s no news of any upcoming CD releases as of yet, however, a few months ago Sari did lend her voicebox to the soundtrack of smartphone game “farewell planet“, so while you’re waiting for more Sari music go ahead and play that or buy the soundtrack album.