Boris is Love

Okay, so I started to ask the proprietor of this website “Hey Maniac, you think just this once, based on their recent activity, you could humor me into declaring Boris the ultimate endgame in this experimental synthesis of idols with rock music that’s been happening over the last few years and post this new MV on the blog even though it’s a complete stretch of our already shifting mission statement?”

And he’d either say “Hey, why the heck not?” or “C’mon man, don’t mess up my life’s work. You post that Boris MV and you’re fired.”

But anyway, he’s been away on business, so I didn’t ask him and posted this recklessly, so if my bags are packed in the next day or so, you know why!

Mother-F’n Boris man. Even your non-weeb friends love them. They’re absolute freakin’ titans of drone-noise-experimental-soundscapes who’ve recorded a massive discography on a dozen different labels. So when TRASH-UP!! Records, a label that I first came to love through their magazine, low-budget films, and releases by the quirkiest of the quirky world of chika idols announced that they were celebrating their 10th (!) anniversary with an EP by the band, I was pretty excited. Giddy might even be the better word! I even joked that I couldn’t wait for the eventual collaboration between the power-trio of sludge and the label’s flagship unit SAKA-SAMA.

Well, that collaboration hasn’t happened yet, but they did play a gig with the TRASH-UP!! groups along with the wonderful Aqbi roster of artists for the label’s big anniversary showcase, and it was worth noting that the band, especially Wata, seemed quite comfortable and welcoming of their surroundings. All my kidding aside, it really does open up thoughts of potential possibilities and reminds us of an important thing, the walls dividing genres have been knocked down and utterly destroyed as they always were meant to be for the good of music enjoyed by the truly open-minded masses. I think this is our new future, and it pleases me highly.

So with that, let’s check out this amazing visually enhanced offering from the band’s upcoming release, ‘LφVE & EVφL’. I’ll understand if you want to sit down first…

Oh sweet goodness that’s glorious. Truthfully, this band has never frightened me or filled me with dark dread or anything like that. No, I find them beautiful. I find this comparable to the most intricate classical songs and soothing like a comforting whirlpool that alternates between the calm and heavy-massage jet settings. And as for the video itself, it’s pure psychedelic mind-bending mood ring expressions swiped along a rich palette. Yes please and may I have some more?

The new double album , via Third Man Records, comes out October 4th, along with reissues of two of their earlier albums, “Akuma No Uta” and “Feedbacker”.

Meanwhile, their TRASH-UP!! release “tears e.p.”, the one with former avandoned member and visual artist extraordinaire Kotao gracing the cover, is available via the usual distributors of Japanese music and you can also stream it here. It’s fantastic and strays somewhat off the usual path of the band in all kinds of good ways. I would think it’s possible it’ll find it’s way to the merch table when Boris tours North America starting next month!

Enjoy people, and keep your minds open and genres crossed.