Your Homicidols Weekender #140

Good morning! And welcome to hell on earth! Yes, friends, it’s the time of year when the vicinity of Maniac Mansion goes from being “summery and kind of unbearable” to “blast furnace of doom,” and this has all been set up by a very long and astonishingly busy week, each day capped off by ever-increasing daytime high temperatures and the kind of violent pop-up storms that make living in this area such an adventure at times. This all made worse by idol apparently having prearranged to largely take the week off. It’s dumb!

Anyway, I lucked out and have just all of the external household chores to get through today, so do forgive me for cutting straight to the chase so that I’m not dead by noon. Go play the Fun, and revel along with me in this being on of the all-time lightest Weekenders in history!


The renewed HAMIDASYSTEM is doing the triple-threat single release schedule again:

We got another new mix from FunFunFun:

Because I was thinking about them the other day, here’s a reminder that Himegami CRISIS is still a thing:

Support my girl Ophelia 20mg, who you’ll be hearing more about very soon:

Time to stream that Not Secured, Loose Ends single:

It’s impossible for me to see this PassCode DVD trailer without putting in more work than I’m willing to, but maybe you’ll like it and buy their thing!

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Wagamama Rakia for maybe a record-settingth time, good for them. Originally I just wanted to talk about my surprise that MIRI, late of RHYMEBERRY, was joining:

And then the non-MIRI-having trio went and did this acoustic bit that’s awesome:



Trouble in the air for Melon Batake a go go?

How about a live clip of Marionet?

And a whole mess of live EMPiRE?

Seeing SHINGEKI with a crowd this big warms my heart:

I feel like this is old Broken By The Scream news, but just in case:

Imagine strolling into Tower and finding Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da on the cover of the house magazine:

Have a great weekend!