Battling Oshiloss with Hope This the Friday Fun

Phew, lads! I almost had to dump this fun onto the other writers again, what with NECRONOMIDOL’S European tour this week as well as a few personal ups and downs and events and incidents, but insomnia thoughts won out in the end and I’m here! Now, let’s look at last week’s highlights:

Actually, this Fun is actually a little bit inspired by this week’s Necroma-charged antics. It’s the first time I got to see the new lineup in action, and it’s fairly known at this point that newbie Kunogi is the evolved form of Gokigen Teikoku’s Hibiki. Appreciating an idol in one group I love, losing her, seeing her re-emerge in my favourite group and then eventually meeting her in person after all this time? Pretty darn cool!

Another inspiration was the reveal that my former Hello! Project oshi Aikawa Maho is pretty good chums with Avandoned’s very own Beni, which brought in many thoughts along the lines of “Actually, Aiai in Avandoned is perfect and I will gladly sell my soul to make this happen”.

So, as you may have gathered by now, this week’s Fun is all about seeing former oshis making a comeback in other units. If you could make a graduated idol join a different group, who would it be and which group? Share your answers with the hashtag #RedebutsIWant so we can wallow together in false hope!