JyuJyu and the Unsettling Summer Single

This post, you guys, I’ll tell you: I started this the day the following MV (spoiler alert!) dropped, and wrote ~most of the~ post before being called off to something else. No big deal, I thought, I’ll wrap it up tomorrow. Days later I finally remembered what was up (such is life nowadays) and I was going to CYA and put the thing into the Weekender.

What stopped me?

It’s too damn good, that’s what.

So without too much further ado: JyuJyu, not at all still reeling from the hyper-contrived nontroversy with Chunpi, are releasing a new single, and doing so in collaboration with Tenma from URBANGARDE, which is a sentence that’s always a joy to write. Watch as styles collide less heinously than you might expect, and idols whose whole angle is being cursed and doomed rip off maybe the best song of the summer:

It does have a slightly more explicit gothic move* than you usually expect from JyuJyu, almost like they were channeling STARMARIE but eviler or something. I love it as much as I love anything of theirs since “Noroi Hajime” now almost three years ago, and arguably more on the back half (for which, I’m guessing, somebody made Tenma watch all of the Saw movies before composing). It does unfortunately come with an MV that’s sort of the JyuJyu standard ever since that thrice-accursed 2016 masterpiece of murder-on-repeat, pretty but ultimately just kind of there, though the choreography is *chef’s kiss. Considering that I’ll never see them live and this is as good as it gets for me, I’ll take it!

And there’s still a month to go until the single drops, but you can start the digital delivery now!