Your Homicidols Weekender #138

Good morning! Your friendly neighborhood Maniac is on the road this weekend and, uh, kind of disinclined to do much in the way of intros. It was a good and full week for idol! Go play the Fun, and have some fun!


That full, real Babymetal MV finally happened, and with my girl Kano no less:

Come on, Osaka Shunkashuto, do a good thing:

Nue live:

Plus cool clip from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da:

And a whole show from THE BANANA MONKEYS:

In Sentences That I Never Thought I’d Write, Broken By The Scream is providing theme music for a video game:

Two-time Corenament winner Honoka (and possible Queen of the Scene favorite!) went and … did she headbang so hard that she hurt her neck? What an icon:

The first glimpse at the new ayumikurikamaki EP doesn’t seem all that promising:

Light-heartedly denpa your ass off with Appare Harajuku:

I got grievous sad about the end of an era for Kaishin no Ichigeki:

Maybe this time CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL will get it something closer to right:

New single incoming from BILLIE IDLE:

Fun fact: Everybody in the background of this died of a horrible wasting sickness before the next sunrise:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Schoolyard Camera Girl Drei, who put out a whole mess of announcements in a row, and while they’re unlikely to get regular posting coverage from us here at Homicidols Dot Com, I think all would agree that we love them and want nice things for them. So!

New record:

New tour (and new one-man):

(seeking) New member/s:

Only the best for my kouteca.

Idol in Bonus

And a little extra Idol in Focus for the beloved Task have Fun, who, in addition to a super-deluxe album release —

— hit Paris this year:

Shut up, I love them.

This is a perfect time to get into LiLii Kaona:

Still haven’t gotten around to actually posting about AdFiction, but they do exist and are fine, and oh noes look, a big ol’ graduation:

And a very sudden one for MIGMA SHELTER:

A huge one (literally) for KINGRAGE:

And a huge one (metaphorically) for Gokigen Teikoku:

Somebody should explain to Ladybaby that it’s not really a bootleg video if it’s officially shot with a decent camera by your own management:

Yura Pico put out a new dance video and made the world a better place.

This man is a goddamn treasure:

Have a great weekend!