I Really Like Where WILL-O’ Has Landed

This is a little bit on the late side, you guys, but I think you can bear with me wanting to talk about the about-time first single and a few other firsts from WILL-O’ now that we’re almost three years removed from their incidental point of origin in the weirdest on-stage moment in the history of Tokyo Idol Festival and, maybe against all odds or maybe because all associated projects have always been this good or maybe because manager-san is playing the game better than you think or maybe all of it, I dunno, they’re going as strong as ever before and all signs point to an almost unconstrained future.

This is of course all predicated on the MV that they released the other day, for their new (see above) single:

Now, I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m actually a little bit let down by the video; having previously seen the stills from the cover art and the preview being obviously the same concept, my brain put together something that I’d describe as “busier.” Yes, I get how you might be making a wanking motion about my saying that at this very instance, but hear me out: The song’s got great bounce and energy and even manages to skip right over some obvious moves that I was relieved (retroactively, of course) that it skipped, it’s a lot of fun, and yeah the visuals overall are a wild-ass kaleidoscope of color and idol and contrast, but ultimately nothing happens, and that’s what’s missing and also all that’s missing — I was waiting for a next step that never came.

Otherwise, though, and overall this is a great look and a really fabulous sound. WILL-O’, as a standalone entity now for what? we passed the anniversary post a little while ago? good for them! did represent a departure from the membership and thematic throughline that began with Shinozaki Kokoro and has now passed through enough forms and names to populate its own agency. You can see how it all connects, too, but what makes this track exceptional is how, if you weren’t aware of the history, you might not draw that line between past and present, and that’s cool. You just hear a fun J-rock song (I was personally reminded of so many things) with jangling guitars and upbeats and idol vocals, and that’s probably exactly what they were going for. I like this ongoing development!

And speaking of, yesterday was the first one-man for the current lineup, and they also have a fan club that you can join, so:

It’s interesting. New look, new lineup, ever-developing sound. Good things.