Ah, friends, the day has arrived! With their official debut as part of Gyuno Fes (today!), my personal Idol of the Year for 2018 who like immediately afterwards announced a mass graduation and then a soft reboot with new members and I say soft because 3/4 of the old members just went on to a new project with the same management, so okay, HAMIDASYSTEM is back!

Go ahead and play the match-faces-with-names game!

It’s official:

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What do they sound like? Probably just like HAMIDASYSTEM! “But what about the girls?” you insist, and to that I say, friend, they’re probably going to sound like idols, who are doing HAMIDASYSTEM, because they’re idols in HAMIDASYSTEM, and if you can’t parse that then I can’t really help you, but I would urge against your thinking too much about it.

This is good, though. Yeah, we knew that Hamisys was going to be back at some point — new members, yada yada — but it’s good to see that reality and good to think about the creative possibilities. Digging the new naming convention as well. If they add more members, will they be called They or We or dip into semi-obscure English regionalisms like Youse? That’d be pretty fun.

Speaking of fun, I also want to see the occasions where they share a stage with successor group CROSSNOESIS and we get the weird spectacle of old HAMIDASYSTEM doing new songs while new HAMIDASYSTEM does old songs in front of old HAMIDASYSTEM.

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  1. Are we gonna just ignore the whole Me being Popo Popo Po Popo Jr. from Migma Shelter thing?

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