Your Homicidols Weekender #112

Happy new year! I know it’s the 5th, but spare me your malcontent recriminations — we can wish each other well all the time, not just in the immediate afterglow of balls dropping and the people you spent a couple of weeks rounding up for a surprisingly affordable private party in a very accessible location all deciding within 10 minutes of each other that they really should get home, it’s late, and you realize how old you’re getting and how amazingly lame your friends have become, so you drag yourself and your partner, your lone holdout, halfway across town (“it’s on the way home!” you tell yourselves) to another neighborhood where no private parties, per se, are to be found, but instead lots of well-lubricated revelers and “specials” that can only be described as such in a context akin to “I feel really special when I’m singled out for larceny” and a very friendly bartender who insists on doing shots with you, all within a 15-minute window because there’s a last train that you absolutely must catch. It’s pretty simple!

The first week of the year was a good one for idol. I actually skipped a couple of posts on account of working for a bona fide lunatic whose conception of “catch up back in the office” is actually “let’s very quickly find plural projects that must be completed within 48 hours,” but I hope to be able to make it up. That’s right — what you see here before you is actually real-deal legit Weekender material! Correct, no need to cheer, Weekender stuff is the fill-in! Yeah!

We had an amazing first Fun of 2019, too, so go play it, then take all this in stride, do what you need to do on account of it being time for a nice ol’ break from the slog of modernity, even if for a few hours, and look ahead to what the gods owe us — a year that doesn’t make just about everybody want to scream in existential agony!


You’re wrong if you aren’t totally excited about the double A-side from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da:

In addition to that other thing, AIBECK dropped this demo the other day:

oh look a new BiS single

Here’s some good ol’ live KING RAGE:

And some live IVOLVE!

And some live Marionet!

Have you heard Auhby’s Minna cover?

Hey, a Kupipo release!

SAKA-SAMA a go go!

There being no vocals makes this OWARANAIDE YORU demo tough to figure out:

This WILL-O’ thing, your guess is as good as mine:

A little live look at Zeikin5%:

The Devil ANTHEM girls finally get their own Twitter accounts:

The person who brings me a copy of this from Kaishin no Ichigeki will be paid well in delicious seasonally appropriate cookies:

No, they won’t be poisoned, you weirdo

Prepare for a 2019 filled to the gills with DAIDAIDAI:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Yanakoto Sotto Mute, who are going all the way in on this whole business of being cooler and better than everybody else alive, truly the perfect modern idol. This interview just about seals it:

And then this live, may the gods help you, is like the backboard-shattering dunk that turns opponents’ wills to jelly:

I missed Yanamyu when they were in California. Some very rich crazy person needs to please pay for them to come play a ton of gigs in the 95 Corridor so that I can see them.

Dig on this interview with THERE THERE THERES:

So Re:LAYz seems like a whole barrel of monkeys:

Ricca in Malaysia:

Imagine that you’re in some makeshift backroom lounge somewhere, and FRUITPOCHETTE wanders in to cut a promo:

I hate that there isn’t enough 969 in the world:

I haven’t made a big enough deal out of them in like a week, so HAMIDASYSTEM it is!

A very happy new year’s greeting from Yukueshirezutsurezure:

Or how about NEO JAPONISM?

Just remember that First Summer Uika is the world’s greatest divinity:

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #112

  1. finally some love for Zeikin 5% again.. so much has happened with them last year.
    many lineup changes, loads of sick live videos that now got removed again.. a new MV for an old song. infultrating the Idol scene quite a bit too.

    recently Maimo got in a big fight with Aprodite management and fans after playing a gig with them. what exactly happened i dont know, but it got quite nasty from Aphrodite’s side.

      • i noticed that yeah, went to the profile to see if the tweets where still up and the first tweet i saw was them attacking someone random for calling the group boring or something like that.

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