A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Friday Fun

Due to furniture-related reasons, Kerrie is taking this week off from the Friday Fun

It’s 2019! That’s really stupid! Confession: I do not understand how the passage of time works, nor how it affects my day-to-day. I was chatting with a co-worker the other day about an event of local consequence and remarked, man, it really feels like that just happened. To which the reply was, lol it was all the way in 2008. Right, quoth I, that’s not that long ago, to which my partner retorted with a sneer, bro that was 10 years ago, why are you weird.

But speaking of 2019, Kerrie asked for your 2019 idol predictions, and you folks delivered in spades. Let’s save ourselves the space; you all just go look at the whole thing. I had only one winner:

Happy new year!

I always enjoy the Fun because of what you folks come up with. Sometimes it’s a rip-roaring good time that includes idols I’ve never heard of referenced in ways that I barely fathom, and sometimes it’s just the regulars sharing a joke. Nonetheless, I a) always laugh and b) always wish I still had enough clever in this oversized head of mine to take part in a meaningful way. It’s hard to read all the way through every time, though, because time is not on my side these days, and when I do peruse Twitter, it’s usually for minutes at a time. Should a trend in the community break out, it’d better be something notable, or I’m like to miss it.

I didn’t miss yesterday, though, and it’s a perfect chance to do a fill-in Fun without Kerrie embrace the community’s energy and riff on a favorite target!

Seeing as how only about 5 percent of you actually live under rocks, you’re no doubt aware of WACCK’s upcoming (next) audition extravaganza:

Idol Twitter immediately sprang into action to mock, denigrate, exasperate and so on the very notion of this kind of performative exercise. It was a good, proper shitting-on of Watanabe-san. Most interesting, though, were the folks suggesting their own participation in the audition, and riffing on the now-expected practice of audition names. You know, stuff like “Samiya Kaki” and “Glug Me”, plus options more creative than I can shake a stick at.

But you can take it for a spin! Use #MyWACKAuditionName to give Watanabe’s possibly-spent creativity a run for its money, and even add the what and why of your own audition song for bonus points!

2 thoughts on “A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Friday Fun

  1. Mom! Look! I’m a winner!

    As for today’s meme: considering that I’m dangerously close to geezer territory and that Himari-san, not making this up, described my beard as “tentacles”, my WACK audition name might be “DJ Nursing Home Cephalopod.”

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