Is there some kind of evil miasma floating through idol today? It’s just bouncing between already anticipating major idol loss and being buffeted by news left and right by horrible add-ons. Like, yeah, see title:

There’s precedent, at least, that this isn’t necessarily the bitter end; two years and like a week ago, Bellring Girls Heart “disbanded” after an epic farewell tour that included guests galore, only to be reborn with a partially recast membership as THERE THERE THERES not that long after, and with other spin-offs to boot. The use of “dissolve” language does cause one’s ears to prick up, especially in the context of what could charitably be called “creative differences.” Noe is the only pre-graduation for this phase.

So far, all signs are that MIGMA SHELTER (such as it is now) and Gu-Gu LULU are nonplussed by this whole business, so it’s not just an Aqbi tear-down. We’ll no doubt be learning more over the next month, and then goodness knows what happens after. I’m trying to imagine a world without Kai in raven wings in it, and it’s not really working for me.

One thought on “THERE THERE THEREs Done

  1. Fucking hell, first Migma Shelter now this. I know it’s how idol is, but it feels like Aqbi have a bent for creating groups who start to hit form and shutting them down or reforming them.
    Inscrutable are the ways of idol management to gaijin fans!

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