AIBECK Would Love It If You’d Check Them Out

Well look what the cat dragged in! It’s not every day that the chika wrecking crew that is AIBECK treats us with even so much as a pro-cut live video, let alone something that’s been storyboarded and shot with things like “takes” and “dubs” and “editing,” but lo and behold it’s 2019 and yes they did it; here’s the short version (because why not) of the MV for “ANTHEM”:

What’s the occasion? New single? New album?

Nope! They just needed a promo ahead of their expedition to Osaka and aspirations beyond, I guess. I can appreciate that moxie. AIBECK’s just lousy with chika, a unit with a baseline setting of “loud” that frankly runs the gamut but tends to do their more interesting work at the metal end of the scale but does just fine at, see above, in more comfortable rock spaces. As a regular glance at the Weekender will tell you, they thrive in the live show, where their big personalities and addictively participatory style can really take over. Should you find yourself both in Japan and intrigued at what you’ve seen, go to an AIBECK live and tell ’em — especially An’z! — that ol’ Maniac sent you.