Your Homicidols Weekender #107

Good morning, and happy First Semiofficial Day of Winter If You Go By Calendar Month! I was telling a work colleague yesterday about my irrational love of this month, and indeed all of Q4, for it is in this time that we are besotted by feasts and fests and follies and such crass commercialism that I can barely keep the laughter pent up. Amazing. I plan on hitting up the mall for the first of many times later this afternoon!

You’re here for idols, though, and idols we have in extravagant amounts this week. Which is ironic, because until late on Wednesday I fretted that there’d even be a Weekender, let alone this huge rush of activity to close week and month and 2018 HOMICIDOLS DOT COM BEST OF ELIGIBILITY.

That’s right! An explicating post is on the way for Monday, but here’s a preview: The Awards Committee has created some short lists for nominations, but we need the community’s input to round them out and probably eliminate a few things. So less complicated than in years past, and hopefully clearer and easier to participate in. So for the coming week? Think about the great stuff from the year, and think really hard not about those things that closed the year strong, but the stuff that was happening all the way back in last December, which is when the eligibility starts. Then we vote the week after, people will be mad online, and awards will be given!

Prediction: This will not be a clean sweep like the last couple of years, heavens be praised

For now! Go play the Fun, then come back and enjoy this metric fuckton of idol.

I’m Already Preparing Snotty Subtweets!

I legitimately started to do a whole regular post on this new one from sora tob sakana, only to realize that the song left me incapable of rational thought. It goes here instead!

Bekah is a multi-threat!

New song preview from NoA:

And yet another track from Melon Batake a go go:

Why does Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da have to make it hard for me to get their nice things?

I dare say that Mashir/lo’s solo work as SHACHI is not only better than her spot in CY8ER, but will keep taking her to interesting places like New York:

If you wanted to give that XTEEN single a listen:

ICYMI, because I did, GRATIA-ALA has like all of their songs available to stream, with lyrics, on their website. Here’s a placeholder tweet?

In honor of the release of their second triumphant EP in a series of three (the first was amazing), here’s live Yanakoto Sotto Mute:

I want to believe that this 403ERROR experience sounds better digitally or actually in person:

This BiSH reality show thing?

Somebody please feel free to buy me a ticket to this gig:

CRY SIS is out here fighting through a sick member and publishing lyrics:

Say hi to the newest member of Kaqriyo Terror Architect:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Eren-chan with nothing but old news. Eat it!

Good ol’ Eren has apparently decided to go on a bit of a hiatus. No, not one of those oh-yeah-they’re-doomed hiatuses, but one of those I’ve-been-doing-this-forever-and-am-tired hiatuses that usually work out:

Here’s a nice photo from her for-now-last one-man the other day:

Also here’s live video of her with URBANGARDE, which I didn’t even know had happened:

And in names that I don’t get to say very often, Ishido Natsumi has a new album coming out:

Reminder that is pretty dang great:

And a very friendly reminder that JoanJoan is great and you should listen to them:

Were they eating pens, or?

We rarely get to do Kamen Joshi around here anymore, so here you go!

I never know what the hell Shioiri’s YouTube channel is about anymore:

Never forget that probably no idol group’s name and sound are as incongruous as BLACK NAZARENE’s:

Also never forget just how much star power is in APOKALIPPPS:

Have a great weekend!

Nice dadbod, Oderus