Yeah, PiGU Will Rise Again!

I think Chris spoke for all of us (who were previously enormous marks of that bizarre Osaka-based cosplay cafe group that couldn’t ever decide on a sound and definitely couldn’t ever decide on a membership for more than a month at a time) when he tweeted this yesterday:

What he was so excited about? What he so earnestly wanted to share? That PiGU’S GONNA AT LEAST KINDA COME BACK INTO OUR LIVES YEAH!

Aside from wordless hyperventilation and bug-eyed re-enjoyment of old PiGU videos that I may have surreptitiously backed up to Drive from other people’s Drive-backed-up videos that were made when it became clear that Spiritwalker was retroactively nuking every ex-member from PiGU existence (even Rino!), my reaction to this has been one of pleasant self-satisfied half-grins and twice telling people who asked about it that I’d gotten good news from a friend, a true thing but also a deliberate obfuscation because how exactly do you explain to somebody without context that PiGU is cool and great and fun and definitely still gets mental kudos for publishing one of the most screwed up MVs in idol’s vibrant history?

That was one sentence

When will we see them again?

In like a month?!

This is excellent, whatever it winds up being. Maybe it’s just Rino and Keika getting together for a few somewhat-authorized performances of classic tunes; maybe the cafe has them come back in for special nights when No Surprises members are needed to bus tables. Who knows! Whatever it is, I hope they can somehow get Rinka and that one really small girl who had like orange hair who was in the group for a very short time a while back. That’d be some good PiGU.

Almost as amazing as this reunion? That I already had a PiGU banner from that brief moment in time when they previously had exactly these two in the lineup, from almost 30 months ago